Electric Semi Truck For Business

The first electric-powered big rig to hit the public roads in Europe is a 40-ton, zero-emissions behemoth.

The YT202-EV, which is actually built by Dutch manufacturer Teberg, is going into service in Munich. There it will carry car parts for BMW between the company’s manufacturing plant and warehouses belonging to the firm SCHERM. Since it’s just driving around town, the big truck’s 100 km (62 mi) range between charges shouldn’t give its drivers too much range anxiety.

Bimmer says the truck will draw all its electric power from renewable sources. Compared to a standard diesel truck, the company promises, the EV truck will reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 12 tons per years.

Built atop an early prototype architecture of the i8 plug-in hybrid, this “eDrive Hydrogen Fuel Cell Prototype” is powered by a completely electric, 272-hp powertrain. The passenger compartment of the fully functional, 125-mph-plus sports car uses many i8 components, but the space typically occupied by the rear seats is instead taken up by the hydrogen-electric powertrain.

The car was assembled in BMW’s prototype shop, and it lacks the sophistication of an i8. But the headlight/front-grille treatment and the trapezoid taillights suggest that BMW’s styling department invested more than a cursory glance.