Cars at the University of Arizona

Google may be winning the race to self-driving cars, but Uber isn’t giving up. The University of Arizona has announced that it will be partnering with the ride-sharing behemoth to help with the development of optical systems for its self-driving car.

Thanks to the deal, the University of Arizona will be the new test-bed for Uber’s prototype mapping vehicles and Uber will donate $25,000 to the university’s College of Optical Sciences. On top of all that, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has signed an executive order “supporting the testing and operation of self-driving vehicles in Arizona,” according to a release from the Arizona Governors Office,

As part of the intense, all-encompassing Star Wars: The Force Awakens marketing event known as Force Friday, Uber has partnered with Hot Wheels to offer rides around Manhattan in Stormtrooper cars.

How does it work? Well, if you’re looking for a ride in one of these shiny buggies until 5 p.m. today in Manhattan (specifically below 59th Street), you need to open up Uber and enter in the special “HOTWHEELSFF” promotional code, select the HOT WHEELS option, and pray. Supply’s limited, and it’s unclear just how high demand might be.

Previously Uber had been rumored to be partnering with Carnegie Mellon University to open a robotics lab in Pittsburg, where Uber’s prototype cars have been spotted already. It’s unclear if this deal is instead of that one, or in addition to it. After all, self-driving cars require optics research and robotics research. It may not be long before Uber can get rid of those pesky humans it needs to drive the cars around.